Spain: 4 days in Alicante including flights and hotel from €163

Alicante beckons visitors with its perfect blend of history, culture, sun, and sea. This mesmerizing coastal city boasts a mild climate, myriad golden beaches, and a towering castle that provides sweeping views. Lose yourself in the winding alleys of El Barrio, Alicante’s Old Town, and marvel at the captivating architecture, quaint squares, and narrow streets saturated in history.

The palm-fringed Explanada de España invites leisurely strolls along its sprawling esplanade. When it comes to cuisine, Alicante has plenty to offer with fresh seafood, paella, horchata, and other culinary delights. And as for the beaches? Absolutely exquisite! From Playa del Postiguet to San Juan and beyond, there’s no lack of coastal paradises to explore. Be sure not to miss the city’s vibrant festivities, like the famed Hogueras de San Juan. Ready to embrace Alicante’s enchantment?

From Cologne to Alicante

From Nuremberg to Alicante

From Karlsruhe to Alicante

From Düsseldorf to Alicante

From Weeze to Alicante

From Dortmund to Alicante

From Hamburg to Alicante

From Frankfurt Hahn to Alicante

From Memmingen to Alicante


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