India: Round trip direct flights to Bangalore from €603 only

Bangalore, known as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is a dynamic city that seamlessly blends modernity with its rich cultural heritage. This bustling metropolis offers a vibrant atmosphere, with its high-tech industries, innovative startups, and buzzing nightlife.

Explore historic sites like Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace and Bangalore Palace, which stand as testaments to its royal past. Indulge in the city’s diverse culinary scene, from traditional South Indian delicacies to global cuisines, found in its bustling street food stalls and trendy restaurants. With its pleasant weather, beautiful parks, and thriving arts and music scene, Bangalore offers a unique and enriching experience that captures the essence of India’s urban charm.

Flight Information

  • Checked Baggage: Included
  • Cabin Baggage: Included
  • Stops: 0 stops, Direct
  • Booking site: Direct Airlines Website
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From Munich to Bangalore

Dates€€Book ✈️
Jan 05–Jan 29€603Book Flights
Jan 07–Jan 29€603Book Flights

From Frankfurt to Bangalore

Dates€€Book ✈️
Oct 11–Oct 23€641Book Flights
Oct 11–Oct 26€641Book Flights
Oct 11–Oct 25€641Book Flights
Oct 11–Oct 24€641Book Flights
Oct 11–Nov 03€641Book Flights
Oct 11–Oct 30€641Book Flights
Oct 11–Nov 02€641Book Flights
Oct 11–Oct 22€687Book Flights



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