Lithuania: 3 days in Vilnius including flights and 3* hotel with breakfast €89 only

Did you know that Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a UNESCO World Heritage site? This city is famous for its well-preserved Old Town, which showcases a diverse architectural landscape with Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Neoclassical styles. Vilnius is a cultural hub with a vibrant arts scene, featuring museums, galleries, and theaters.

Additionally, the city boasts a lively restaurant and café culture, offering a blend of traditional Lithuanian cuisine and international flavors. With a population of around 580,000, Vilnius is a bustling metropolis that captivates visitors with its historical charm and modern amenities.

From Frankfurt Hahn to Vilnius

From Berlin to Vilnius

From Nuremberg to Vilnius

From Dortmund to Vilnius

From Hamburg to Vilnius

From Munich to Vilnius

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Accommodation(€43.5 p.P for 3 days)

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